Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Dishwasher Shopping.

Yes, I know washing by hand and rinsing in a tub of water is cheaper. But you know what? I absolutely hate hand washing dishes. So let's skip that argument and go right to it.

I'm getting a new dishwasher. My current one has been dying not so quietly for a few months. Hubby managed to temporarily fix it a while a go but it has slowly been getting louder and lousier at getting my dishes clean. I frequently have to rewash stuff. Hubby gave me the go ahead to start shopping around for a new one.

I have just a few minor must haves-
Must be black (all of our appliances are black)
Must have a food disposer (I can't remember to change/clean the filter ever)
Must have a water miser option

I would also like-
A water heating option (it's really nice when the hot water heater is acting up and you want clean dishes)
A fairly fast wash cycle - an hour or under.

We found dishwashers that fit that bill anywhere from $300-650. I'm looking for other ways to reduce our costs too like shopping through ebates and using our Discover card to get 5% back.

I really need to see dishwashers up close to know what is a deal breaker for me. But, I've had three different dishwashers in 14 years that ranged from a cheapo rental house model to a deluxe moveable unit. All of them have gotten our dishes clean. The deluxe model did the the best cleaning job but I'm not a price snob and I don't need anything fancy.


Anonymous said...

Add this for your list of must haves--a stainless steel interior. It is designed to stay quiet while running so now I can run it day or night. Yeah!


Lisa said...

Given your requirements or must haves getting something in the median range should work out best. Although I have never had a top of the line dishwasher, but I will say the dishes are clean and there are a variety of cycles to choose from. I am also pretty sure that there are button I've never even pressed. lol