Monday, August 19, 2013

The Parenting Files: Bringing Mt. Washmore to the Children

I learned how do laundry when I was 9.   My Dad would wash everything in hot water and it would shrink my clothes.  I loved my baggy clothes (no thanks to early onset puberty).  
So, I know full well that my children are old enough to start learning the basics of their laundry care. 

This excerpt is taken from a flylady email:

"The secondary payoff came several years later when first DS went to college. He held laundry classes in his dorm, because he was the only one of his friends who knew how to do their own laundry. I got one of those treasured phone calls in which he said, "Thank you, Mom, for preparing me. I can't believe these people don't know how to do their own laundry." "

When I was in college I worked part time in a laundromat.   A guy came up to the counter and asked me to quietly explain to him how to wash his laundry.  I came out and proceeded to show him the routine and the whole time he kept shushing me because he didn't want the other patrons to know that he was learning. 

My daughter was working on cleaning her bedroom (which I can almost walk thru now) this weekend and bellowed from her room that it was time for me to wash her clothes because her hamper was full.  I responded by telling her that she had better whisk her basket of dirties to the washing machine then if she wanted clean clothes.  

My children are babied entirely too much and I know this.  But, I am determined that they will know how to do their own laundry, how to do basic cleaning and how to cook a few simple meals before they leave my house. 

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Cheap Lips

You would think that I wear cosmetics daily given the amount that I've blogged about them.  In reality, I only wear make up a few times a week and it takes me less than 5 minutes to do a complete routine.  Most days, I'm going around with nothing but Chapstick. 

My one daily essential is some type of lip covering.  Usually it's clear lip balm.  I put Soft Lips in Wildberry on after every shower.  Lately, I've wanted something a little more dazzling than clear balm.  I found a $2 tube of LA Colors Mood lip gloss in pink.  It's such a pretty sheer pink and it isn't tacky at all.  I don't always like LA Colors make up products.  This one is a winner.