Thursday, June 18, 2015

Frugal vs. Not Frugal

Frugal- I've made dinner from our pantry every night this week. 

Not Frugal- The kids are and I are all doing VBS everyday this week and the by the time we're done, we're all tired and hungry.  We've had a lot of drive thru and today I splurged on Denny's for lunch.

Frugal- We've spent almost no money on outside activities this week.

Not Frugal- We've planned and paid for another Orlando$ vacation for this fall.  No, it's not Disney this time.

Frugal- I've been reading a lot of library books!  I haven't bought any new books in a while. 

Not Frugal- I forget to renew my borrowed items on time.  I have a stack to return and just haven't had the energy or inclination to drive across town to drop them off.  $2.10 in fines as of today.  I've been really loving Cassandra Clare.  I admit I love the YA section of my library. 

 In other news-
It's been too rainy to hang any clothes or do any gardening.  I'm coming down with a cold and I hope I don't share it with my group of Kindergartner's tomorrow at our closing ceremony.