Friday, November 5, 2010

What Do I Do With All My Free Time?

Since my Little Guy is in preschool for a total of three full days a week I've had many friends ask me what I do with "all" my free time. Ha!

Here's a brief synopsis of my week:

Had visitors until Tuesday morning. Monday was spent shopping- (some thrift/some grocery) with laundry and dishes thrown in. Picked up both kids and had a play date in the back yard.
Tuesday- voting, oil change in my car (plus scheduled more maintenance for this weekend), bank, grocery store stock up, plus a shopping errand. Then I picked up both kids from school and did homework with Big Girl.
Wednesday- got my blood drawn for a health check up, took the boy out for a quick lunch, ran through the library to do returns, dropped him off at pre/k. I can't remember the afternoon but I bet dishes and laundry were involved. Picked up both kids- homework, dinner, etc.
Thursday- Hubby left for an out of town business trip. Gathered all trash and put outside for trash day. Had a sick girl home with me all day. Spent the day snuggling, care giving, and washing/putting away a mountain of laundry. Also, ran through Save-A-Lot for 7 up for Big Girl's tummy. Picked up Little Guy from preschool with a bundled up shivering, moaning Big Girl in the car. Dropped off bills at the post office and came home to more care giving and laundry. Two of us had cereal for dinner. One of us had sips of 7 up.
Friday- rescheduled Little Gym for Little Guy because of Big Girl's virus. Folded another load of laundry. Now almost caught up if I wash one more load. Today I am putting away laundry, more care giving, and doing dishes. The kids are watching a Spiderman cartoon marathon on Netflix and I can't wait until Hubby gets home tonight.
Right now I must got get the recycling ready because I hear the truck outside.

No, I still haven't bought a dishwasher. We really haven't found the time to shop. If I fill the prewash container and put it on the ultra hot wash our dishwasher does a little better.

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