Saturday, June 29, 2013

Debt Free At last

Yesterday I wrote the biggest check of my life and paid off our mortgage.

Goodbye bank account, hello owning my own life.  Now, here's the fun part where I realize how foot loose and fancy free I've been the last few months with our money.  I just checked our credit card account and had a moment of clarity.  I shop too much and I eat out too much.
I signed up for the July rewards deal, picked out a gift card from our cash back rewards for my MIL's bday next month and put the balance towards what we owe.

Dollar Tree, thrift stores, and McDonald's sodas and ice cream cones- I will miss you.  But, not that much.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Ok, so there's more.

I've been bored with Netflix and since we don't have cable when I want to be lazy I turn to youtube.

Sometimes it gets lonely around here and I like to have voices in the background when I'm clipping coupons, doing dishes, etc. 

I like to look at people's Dollar Tree coupon hauls.  Did you know they take MFR coupons now?  I like to see how people organize.   I like to watch decluttering and cleaning vlogs. 
My favorite vlog of the day is about how to make your own Lean Cuisines.  I used to save my plastic  trays and use them to fill up a lunch of frozen leftovers for Hubby.  I am starting a new collection of plastic containers and never realized that I could use them for make ahead meals rather than leftovers. 

I have been a shopping fool at Dollar Tree lately.  I love buying the organizing bins and the cleaning supplies there.  My best find yet has been the LiteLife Black Bean patties I bought yesterday.  $1 for a four pack.  That's a steal when they are normally $3-4 a package. 

I also bought a SkinnyGirl tinted moisturizer in Sand.  I tried it for the first time today and it seems pretty good.  I hate wearing foundation and this isn't heavy at all.  It was weird at first because the applicator is a brush but it works pretty good.  It normally retails at Walmart for $10. 


Just popping in for a bit to say I am still alive. 

I have battled depression the last few months when I haven't been incredibly busy.  My entire life suffers when I am sad.  Anyhoo, feeling a bit more myself but I definitely haven't felt like I could write anything about frugality.  I am not going to be an inspiration to those who want to live on less.
Maybe soon in the future.

I can say we are this/close to being debt free.  We finally sold our old house last month and have enough to pay off our current house.  And then we can begin college/retirement savings. 
Most of that is due to inheritance and generous in-laws.  I wish I could take credit for the most of it.

Off to conquer Mt. Washmore.