Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Still Here. Still Blessed.

I'm still here.  Just been busy as I'm sure all of you have been too. 

I have been a stressed out mess worrying about making this the best Christmas ever for everyone and also feeling so sad that my Mom wouldn't be here. 

Well, Christmas came and it was wonderful.  My brothers came to our house.  We had great food.  I think everyone loved what I bought for them and it wasn't sad at all.  I felt pretty content all day.

My favorite gifts were second hand.  My brothers brought me a bookshelf that I'd been wanting from my Mom's house.  My husband and kids bought me a silver heart locket and a Barbara Michaels book from Goodwill.

I also got an entire bag full of tea and a Walgreens card so I'm all set if anyone gets a head cold.

Hope you all had a wonderful holiday.   I'll try to get back on here soon.  Things aren't quite so bleak in my little corner of the world and I have a lot of projects and decorating I'd like to do in the new house.   I know I haven't posted any pictures of it yet.  Soon.