Sunday, June 27, 2010

How We're Doing

Food- Drive Thru on Friday night on our way to a movie/music in the park with a bunch of little ones. We also stopped for a bunch of mini cones for less than $1. Last night we splurged on ice cream treats at the local cone hut.
Other than that we've survived on leftovers and scratch cooking. This morning I scrambled eggs, fried halloum, and served leftover apple cinnamon bread.

Shopping- No shopping at all. I did clip and sort coupons yesterday so I'm all caught up and ready to shop whenever I need to. Since I don't buy meat and I'm not buying personal care products I don't have a lot of coupons to clip anymore.
I am going to K-Mart today to get some detergent for my Mom. I also need to stop by Lowes and get a part for our new shower head.

Housework- We're entering the clean but messy portion of our job. I still have piles of paperwork mounded in the kitchen. The kitchen seems to be our biggest hot spot and dumping ground. I've been recycling paper like crazy though. It's amazing how it adds up. Our dishwasher has been making some weird noises. I hope it doesn't shoot craps soon. I really don't want to add hand washing dishes to my list of chores.

Vacation/Summer Planning- Big Girl going to summer school really threw a monkey wrench in our summer plans. But, it has been really nice not having the kids fighting all day like last summer. This week we're tackling vacation, vbs, and soccer camp scheduling. I think it's going to work out ok.

Clothing Compact- I am a bit worried that I was short sighted in the kids wardrobe needs before I decided that I would not buy anymore clothes this year. There is a definite limit to the amount of casual shorts (knit or otherwise) that Big Girl has available to her. We discussed it and decided that she can always wear a summer dress on days when the shorts are all dirty. I like that compromise. ; )

Hubby has taken the kids to the swimming pool at least every other day. I just lathered them all up with sunscreen for another go round. They are happy little kids.

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