Thursday, June 26, 2014

Cheap Thrills of the Day

  •  I'm paying bills and finishing rebates so no late fees and a bit of change.  My favorite rebate deal right now is $2.00 back on  Flav-Or-Ice 100 ct. freezer pops.  The rebate is on the bottom of the carton.  Kmart has a $1 off coupon in their store coupon booklet.  This will be awesome for the 4th of July parade float give aways next week.  
  • I'm hanging a load or two of laundry on my line
  •  Soaking black beans for the freezer because we're running low on canned beans and our pantry is full.
  • Planning a pantry meal of tacos, soon to expire canned beans, dip I made earlier in the week and organic salad mix I keep forgetting about in the fridge. 
  • Making dessert from some stuff that needs to be cleared out of my pantry.   
  • Gathering library material to return before my late fees grow
  •  Turning down the a/c and turning on fans in the rooms we're in.  
  • Planning a cheap date night with my kids to the local $1 theater to see RIO 2 while my husband has a guy's night out.  We'll make a homemade pizza together before we go.
  • Not really frugal but I'm making the kids and I to do lists today to keep them from being screen zombies.   I'll take them to the park after we go to the library. 
  •  Getting ready to harvest some cherry tomatoes off the clearance plant I bought from Lowes.  It needed water and tlc. 
  • Making lunch at home before we go out.  We have cherries, oranges and strawberries that need to get eaten and bread going stale so we're having pb toast and fruit.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Because Blogging About Make Up Is Boring.

That's why you haven't heard from me. 

My new love is again hanging my clothes out on my outdoor line that my sweet husband installed for my Mother's Day present. 

And I have set up a little tomato container garden on our back porch.  We also have a nest full of Phoebe birds on our front porch.  Life is blooming all around me and today it is hotter than hades.

The house is a mess and I have a date tonight with my husband.  My life is rich and full but there hasn't been much to blog about.