Friday, November 20, 2009

Christmas 2009

This year I told Hubby that he was in charge of buying the kid's big present to put under the tree.
He bought Big Girl a Wii cheerleading game. Needless to say- he's not a big fan of plastic toys anymore. I still don't know what he'll pick for Little Guy.

I've gotten into the habit of buying up clearance toys/kid's items when I see them at a good price.
Being as organizationally challenged as I am- I haven't kept good track of what I've stored away.
So, I started consolidating my piles and have more than enough for stockings, birthday party gifts, cousin's Christmas presents, and items to put into our adopt-a-family box.
I just need to buy stocking candy. This year I think my goal is three presents under the tree for each kid- so one from Dad and two from me plus their stocking which will have candy and small toys tucked in it.

The only presents that I might actually have to Christmas shop for are my brother's gifts. Any one have any ideas for what to give the men in your life?

Right now we're all stuck at home with some sort of virus. I haven't showered in two days and the kids are finally feeling like playing together again. I know this because I keep having to tell them to quit yelling. I've been out of the house for exactly one hour this week when I had to go to the grocery store to buy things for the Thanksgiving party at preschool. A party that we didn't get to attend because we were sick. I had a healthier Hubby drop off the food and cups.
We still don't have a working computer. I'm using Hubby's work computer. We just haven't made it to the Apple store- why do they all have to be in malls?

I think while the kids are busy playing nicely (and loudly) I'll slip upstairs for a much needed shower. I'd say that being sick has saved us money but I haven't been able to use the coupons I clipped to do my cherry picking for Thanksgiving foods and the past two days have been McDonald's, Taco Bell, and BK take out. Hubby does not cook.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Not Dead, Not Done. Just on Hiatus.

Our laptop is dead. So, I'm limping along by borrowing Hubby's work laptop here and there. We'll eventually replace our laptop but right now I don't really miss being on the computer whenever I want. I'm kinda enjoying the break.

I'm not giving up my blog- just yet anyway. But, it our laptop dying happens to coincide with a brief period of creative and frugal stagnation.

See you soon.