Thursday, April 8, 2010

All About the Clothes: Mount Washmore, Kid's Wardrobes, Helping Those Who Need Clothes,

Mount Washmore

I haven't been on top of the laundry this week and boy has it caught up with me. I try to do a load a day so this doesn't happen often. So, I'm sorting the piles and starting the wash.

Kid's Wardrobe
It also makes it quite obvious that my children don't need so many clothes. I'm taking this flylady challenge to heart. According to Flylady, my kids only need seven outfits plus two play/two nice outfits. Also, I have been inspired by Katie and Martin of Making This Home's No New Clothes Challenge. I am so ready to clean out the closets and donate and sell what we can't use. Hopefully this summer all of the those clothes will fit in a drawer that closes easily.

Helping Others
The preschooler got to take me to school as his helper today. One of the ladies who helps in the preschool class and I normally chat a bit while I'm there. I know her husband has been out of work for months. He's in construction. I know they have been struggling. I haven't wanted to pry up until today when I asked her flat out if she needed anything. I could tell she was a little embarrassed to admit to needing a few things but finally said she needed summer clothes for her three kids. Now you all know how much I love to buy clothes for others and how I tend to overbuy "bargains" for my own children. I volunteered to go shopping in my closet and the the thrift store for them. I knew that I wouldn't find much for her oldest daughter who is three sizes larger than mine. So, I stopped at Value Village and filled a cart with girl's clothes and one boy outfit for her son. I spent $64 on their clothes and one bag of assorted toys for Little Guy. I bought about ten pairs of shorts and skirts, a dozen shirts, and two dresses for them. I need to buy some shoes, undies and socks. I'm trying to keep my total under $100 for all three of them. I raided Little Guy's closet for a few items but I need to find some nicer 4t shirts for church wear, etc. I think Saturday I will be hitting up the garage sales.


Rhonda in OK said...

How sweet of you!
and helping others just might end up helping you feel better and get through this difficult time too.

Heather said...

Jenny, you are a very kind and generous person. I know you get down on yourself, as we all do, but I want you to remember to give yourself credit for all the good you do!

It's interesting that you mention the no new clothes challenge, because I just took it yesterday. I only kept the stuff that I see my kids wear all the time. You should see the giant pile that I'm sending to our local community center's helping hand store! I hope it does some good for someone in need.