Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Purging and Splurging

I spent the holiday weekend with the house to myself cleaning out the kids room and closets.
I inventoried all shoes and underwear that I have been stockpiling. And I have a good idea of what we need to buy. The stack of garage sale items is growing steadily and soon I will have enough to make it worth my time.

I had a Dillards $45 gift card in my wallet so I made my yearly (dreaded) trip to the mall to scour their clearance racks. Big Girl now has new Levis and dress pants as well as a few new hair bows. Little Guy got a few outfits and a new t-shirt. After all of that I spent $13 OOP.

Today we went to Barnes and Noble for a breakfast of oatmeal cookies and milk and playtime with the Thomas train set. I ended up buying "Puff the Magic Dragon" for them. It was a childhood favorite of mine.

Then we went next door to Old Navy to do some more school shopping. The clearance selection is pretty decent right now especially on any 4th of July goods. I bought a new hoodie jacket, a polo, atheltic pants, flip flops for next summer and two sets of pajamas for Little Guy. Big Girl got a new l/s polo, yoga pants, and jean capris. They both wanted new soccer balls which happened to be on clearance too. I spent $65. I've got shopping out of my system for a long time. Tomorrow is garage sale day and I am happily going to skip it.

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