Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Having the Faith to Keep Moving Forward

I haven't climbed out of the emotional muck yet. I am struggling to find joy in the little things. I know this phase is temporary but I have been discouraged. I feel as though I am literally hanging on to the Lord's shoulder while he helps me along. It's hard to count my many blessings when so much is wrong or difficult in my life right now. Temporarily I am failing as:

a parent
a wife
a financial steward
a responsible adult

Still, my silent prayer every night is thanking the lord for my many blessings.

Thinking about making of list of the mountain of tasks I need to do is more than daunting. This is what I need to do today:

Mail paperbackswap book (ready for P.O tomorrow)
Dishes (unloaded and reloading- dishwasher is running now)
Make beds (done)
Put away clean laundry
Sort dirty laundry and wash two loads. (done)
Plan and make dinner (fettucine recipe from Make Your Own Convenience Foods book) (done-delicious)
Do homework with Big Girl (done)

That's it. That's enough to keep me from feeling like a complete failure. Even though the back of my mind is nagging me to- clip coupons, clean kids' rooms, sweep kitchen, water garden, pack up consignment stuff, go to the store for medicine, make dr's appointments, clean bathrooms, walk the dog, play with the son, watch library dvds, return items to library, go to the grocery store for sale items, set up date night with Hubby etc etc etc etc etc. I can only do what I can do and I have to be happy with that whether or not anyone else is pleased with my efforts.

Thank You Lord for the courage to face another day and Thank You for my many blessings.

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