Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Mini Stops at the Grocery and using what we have.

Grocery shopping has been low on my priority list lately and I've taken to doing quick trips into the grocery stores to get just what we need when I'm out on errands. I went shopping in the basement yesterday to restock our freezer and get an idea of what we need. Shopping at Aldi and buying generics has helped me save time on worrying about coupons. Right now I need to get my life and house back in order instead of clipping coupons.

Today I made a use it up cake made out of two brown bananas, a jar of sweet potato baby food, wheat flour, oats, raisins, the last handful of brown sugar, an egg, some pecans, a few chocolate chips and the last bit of cocoa powder. It smells really good and I'm hoping it cures the brownie craving I've had lately.

The house is coming along and the garage sale piles are growing. I am feeling happier and less guilty than I have in a long time. Hubby steam cleaned a few rooms this weekend and seeing a spot free floor makes me so giddy. I didn't realize how the juice stains etc. had really started to get to me mentally. I dusted and rearranged the shelves in our great room and prettied up the mantle. I even started burning candles again which I haven't done since last Spring.
Even though it's only halfway there I am feeling glad to be home. I made a play date at my house for next Monday and I'm not worried at all. Right now I'd rather be home doing my daily rounds and little chores instead of seeking happiness in buying stuff at garage sales and thrift stores.

Dinner is even planned. I've got rice boiling in my rice cooker. Boca burgers and homemade applesauce are thawing on the stove. Big Girl and I picked a handful of lablab beans out of our backyard last night. I'm serving chopped bocas in a gravy sauce over the rice with steamed beans and applesauce. Homemade cake for dessert.

Laundry and FrugalCoast2Coast pod casts are calling me.

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Heather said...

Good for you Jenny! You're making great progress :)