Thursday, May 14, 2009

Frugal Deeds of the Day

*Returned what library items I could find before they accrued any more fines. (ok, not frugal but I'm working on it)

*Ate at home.

*Hung my laundry outside on my cheap dollar store line.

*Weeded and finished planting the last of the tomatoes from my bathroom "nursery".

These are my cherry tomatoes that I grew from seed. I plan on seeing which one is the heartiest and plucking the others before I cage it.

This is the left side of my poor little veggie patch. The back right square has one melon barely hanging on and one volunteer pumpkin. The small rectangle in the middle has my cilantro and basil garden. Front and center we have my zuchini, eggplant, and pumpkin patch. Something really loves my eggplant and my leaves are slowly disappearing.

This is the right side of my veggie patch. The bottom is my pumpkin patch all from last years jack o' lantern volunteer. The back part is my tomato patch with early girl, lemon boy, mr. stripey, and four beefsteaks that I started in my bathroom. Something is eating them too.
This is what I have left of my container garden. I planted lettuce (all gone- squirrels), morning glories, and an Asian climbing bean. The Asian climbing beans are hanging on but I'm not sure the squirrels won't get to them soon. They seem to like morning glories a lot.

Other than composting leaves and kitchen scraps on our garden I have not fertilized at all. I bought some 7dust for the eggplant but I am loathe to use it as I'd love to have an organic garden. But, I'd also like some veggies to harvest too.

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