Sunday, January 18, 2009

Today's Tally

Total Spent today= $0

For breakfast we had scrambled eggs, sliced banana and raisin toast with cinnamon.

For lunch we had Mexican leftovers from our dinner out on Friday night. Our entertainment budget is gone for the month. I supplemented our one container of leftovers with scratch muffins I made to use up the crushed pineapple the kids wouldn't eat and part of a banana left from breakfast. We decided we don't like pineapple muffins much so I for sure won't be buying crushed pineapple again.

Snacks were muffins, Christmas chocolates, edamame, and a few Cheetos.

Dinner was spinach pizza made with Matzo crackers. For dessert, I made baked apples with the dregs from our crisper.

I consider it a successful day. Nothing purchased. Food was saved from the trash can.

Tomorrow I will be doing some grocery shopping. I have plans to Wal-Greens later in the week also to use my register rewards and get some Frito Lay items.

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