Saturday, January 17, 2009

Money Spent today-

Me- $0

Hubby- $15 on a much wanted Buddy Mondlock concert ticket. Have fun sweetie! I guess it's an early anniversary present since I haven't thought of anything else to get the man.

It's been a lazy day here. I took a two hour nap with Little Guy while Big Girl played with a friend and Hubby supervised. A perfect day.. now all I need is for the kids to go to bed without fussing and a hot cup of cocoa and the Colin Firth movie,Another Country, that I borrowed from the library.


Lacy said...

Hey Jenny,

I found you via Frugal Hacker.....

My husband and I have started a website called I'm creating a blog wall, full of useful blogs that have a frugal christian perspective! I'm one of those crazy couponing ladies, and if you're interested let me know!! If you could link us back that would be great too....more traffic for all!!!

Here is the blogwall url:

We have created a coupon database.

If you have any questions please shot me an email!



Jenny's Vegcafe said...

Hi Lacy,
I'm checking you out right now.