Friday, January 16, 2009

Schnucks and Dollar Tree

I'm over budget once again. Maybe Hubby is right and I'll never be able to do $60 a week but that is a defeatist attitude and I refuse to believe that however true it's proving to be right now.

1 Everything Bagel (my breakfast)- .50
1.08 pounds of red grapes- 2.15
1.15 pounds of bananas- .77
Small container of milk- 1.29
Total= 4.87
Dollar Tree: (here is where I went over budget)
Snack sized baggies
Window cleaner wipes
Hanes sweat pants for Big Girl
Mesh toy storage baggies
Baked Bean Candies for our Movie night
Snuggle air freshener ( for my stinky car)
2 pound bag of white rice
Spill grab wipes (for the car)
Total= 9.48

Over budget by $5.56

Total money spent for household and food this week is= 65.56


Georgi said...

Maybe you should stay out of the Dollar Store :-). The thing about the Dollar Store is that we don't realize how much we are spending until we are done. And how much of the stuff we pick up is truly a necessity? Oh well, you know the old saying, everyone has an opinion.

Jenny's Vegcafe said...

Georgi, I went into the Dollar Tree for red socks and Cheetos. No red socks but lots of other stuff. I think that Dollar Tree has a place in my life but it is so easy to spend money in there! I put many things back on the shelf though so my spending is changing little by little.

Anonymous said...

I think you did a great job this week on your spending. You were close and now you can learn from your spending this week to get closer to your goal. To me every victory, even ones like having a couple of no-spend days, is making me one step closer to my goal so I say good for you!