Tuesday, January 20, 2009

New Week- New Budget- New Expenditures

Yesterday Big Girl and Grandma had the day off of school and work so we drove to visit her.

Before we went I had to stop and buy Pull Ups for Little Guy. We're only about half way potty trained and I am not ready to deal with a road trip diaperless yet.


Trail mix breakfast for Mommy- 2.00
Orajel Plaque Rinse for kids- (used $1 WAGS coupon and $1 MFR coupon plus I have a free after rebate certificate- so free)
Huggies Pull ups- 9.99 (minus $1 WAGS coupon and $2.00 MFR coupon plus $1 register rewards so it was actually 5.99)


Then we met my Mom at a thrift store on the way to her house.

Thrift store-
Purple hanging organizer for Big Girls Barbie Stuff- 1.25
3 books- .45 cents
1 pullover sweater for me- .50 cents

Total= 2.20

And one more stop at the Salvage Grocery Store.

Salvage Grocery-

2 Old El Paso Dinner Kit- .35 and .75
Taco Bell Dinner Kit- .75
2 bottles of 100% juice- 2.00
Slim Fast Meal Bars- 2.99
3 boxes of organic cereal- 1.29 apiece
2 cans of cola- .12 cents apiece
1 king sized Butterfinger- .55
Can of Spaghetti Sauce- .50
Barbie Birthday cake decorations- 1.29
Birthday candles- .65
Cake Frosting with Sprinkles- .75
Pack of Freedent gum- .10
2 four packs of fruit sauce- 1.00 apiece
Alka Seltzer cold medicine- 1.25
1 cup of fruit gel jello stuff- .10

Total= 19.06

We were driving home right during dinner time so we stopped for a costly drive thru dinner.

Take Out-

Total spent Yesterday= $37.08

$ 22.92 for the rest of the week. I'll be going to Aldis for produce. I also have $6 in Register Rewards to use at Wal-Greens to get milk and cheese for the week.
I plan on making yogurt this week too so right now we're sitting pretty if I cook the rest of the week.

I can't get everything from the Salvage Store and a lot of it is too beat up or too expensive to bother with. But, when I chose carefully I can definitely stretch our food dollars there.

To see how other people did with their grocery shopping- stop by Gayle's Grocery Cart Challenge blog.

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Gayle said...

You did great! I love that you put your thrift store finds in there too. Nothing makes my heart go pitter patter than a good thrift store.