Saturday, May 23, 2015

The Answer is NO!

I'm going through and cleaning my massive collection of personal care in the basement today.  This is just the basement.  I'm not including the collections under the sink, in my dressers, on my dresser, and other miscellaneous places.   It's overwhelming.  My family should not need to buy any soap or shampoo for at least two years.  At least.

There's also the books, kitchen ephemera, stockpile of pantry food, clothes, make up, paper supplies, school supplies, laundry supplies, storage containers, office supplies, pet toys, and other stuff I've probably forgotten.  I've gotten better.   I'm bringing less home from stores and frequently leave thrift stores empty handed now.  It's not enough.   From now on if we don't need it, I am not dragging it home.  I am done.  Done taking care of stuff I don't love.  Done stockpiling things and couponing because it's free.  Done signing up for free samples.  Done shopping for fun.

Back to my sorting and laundry in the basement.  I've got to start somewhere.

“Have Nothing In Your House That You Do Not Know To Be Useful, Or Believe To Be Beautiful.”  William Morris

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