Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Sparking Joy and When the Answer is Yes

My wardrobe has been examined over the past week or two.  If I didn't love something or it didn't fit, it went into a donation bag.  I don't have a capsule or minimalist wardrobe.  I am not striving for that either.  I just want to have a nice collection of clothes that I love and wear.  And I'm finally getting it.  I need to be more judicious with my money and the things I allow to take up precious space in my home. 

I discovered a lack of capri jeans which is a staple of my summer wardrobe.  I scoured the racks at Kohl's and tried on two pair and picked my favorite.  This is weird for me since I don't like to try on clothes.  But, knew I needed to really like the pair I bought so I wouldn't waste money and space.
This should not be a revelation to me, but it is.  And I didn't automatically pick the pair that were the least expensive.  I need to get over the need to get the cheapest item in favor of having a few good pieces that I will really wear.  My mantra when shopping has been, "Do I need it?  Do I have room for it?  Do I have something like it at home already? Can we afford it?"  These jeans were a definite yes.  And that sparked joy. 

Today my little guy and I whittled down his wardrobe.  Now all his clothes fit nicely in his dresser drawers without a struggle.  I went through the small stockpile of next size up clothes in his room too.  I noticed that I don't have nearly the amount of saved clothing for him that I used to have.  There was room leftover in the bottom drawer.  And I'm not itching to fill it up either.  I'd rather wait until we have a need and buy good stuff then.

Next up is my stuffed full pajama drawer.  There's a monkey sleep shirt that I've had for 8 years that I dearly love.  It's holey and threadbare and I got it free from a Freecycle box in the first place.  It needs to go to the bin.  And then there's a super comfortable pair of cut off sweats that have more holes than fabric that need to go.  Somehow I don't think my husband will mourn the tossing of these less than sexy clothes.

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