Saturday, May 9, 2015

Quick 5 Frugal Things

Things I do to save from the top of my head-

Navy Shower.  I turn the water off when I soap up, when I brush my teeth, and when I shave.

Air Dry.  I open my dishwasher to air dry my dishes.  Anything on the top rack gets a quick shake off.

Use Less- A smidge of toothpaste, half the amount of detergent, conditioner mostly on the ends of hair, etc.

Pick Up Pennies- And anything else usable you find on the ground.  It all adds up.  I've gotten some cute jewelry and hair clips for my daughter.  Just wash and air dry.

Eat Your Pantry- It's already paid for.  Save the cost of gas, your time, and make extras for the next meal.

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