Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Sick Kitty

The orange boy on the right will be 19 this year.  He's been with me since my first year out of college.  He's cuddly and lazy and has always been very mellow.  He's basically my favorite cat ever.  He hadn't been getting up and running to the food bowl with his sister when I fed them lately and yesterday his face was swollen on one side.  Anyway, he's at the vet today and will have surgery to remove any and all rotten teeth.  Poor thing.  I briefly debated spending the money on him because of his age.  But, he's my love and I want him to have a quality life for as long as he can.  I'll just have to tighten the belt in other areas. 

My daughter has to have some baby teeth pulled also to make room for her adult teeth.  I'm wondering who's dental work will cost more. 

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