Thursday, February 19, 2015

Frugal Bugle

Not much going on today.  I haven't left the house because I have a cold.

Here's a brief list of my frugal doings-

I made bran muffins using off brand cereal from the Dollar Tree and some apple sauce that was languishing in my pantry.  Adding cinnamon makes it yummy and my kids will eat it up.
This recipe. 

I didn't go anywhere.  (because of said cold)

Yesterday my tiny baby princess turned 12.  12!!!!!  I gave her some spending money to buy decor for her room and we splurged on a pair of Aztec print jeggings from Kohl's using a 30% off coupon.  We got them for $10.  

I'm planning a Spring Break trip for the kids and myself.  To offset the cost of our hotel and activities, I'm putting a few no spend days in the calendar.   I'm also looking for deals and coupons for the things we might want to do.  I reserved a hotel that has a pool, serves breakfast, and has a refrigerator so we can have snacks if we don't feel like going out. 

I'm making dinner at home for the three people who will be here tonight.  It's probably just going to be mac and cheese with broccoli since I don't feel great. 

Our fridge is almost empty so I'm going to sit down tonight and make a list and look for coupons for what we need.  I have grocery circulars so I can price match at Walmart if I want to. 

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