Thursday, February 12, 2015

Frugal OOTD- And some penny pinching beauty ideas.

With the exception of my undergarments (which I bought on sale), all my clothes and even my earrings came from thrift stores or the clearance rack.  I scored some Catherine's jeans on the $1 rack on Tuesday.  They fit great! 

Energie black and white sweater hoodie 2.99
Merona ribbed black tank top 1.99
Catherine's Jeans 1.00 (normally $60)
Black beaded dangle earrings (new on card) 1.00
Socks  Free after coupon
Converse One Star Gray tennis shoes 4.99 Target clearance

Now let's talk about the beauty regimen-

My Olay face wash was bought at a salvage store for 2.99.  Olay really is the only thing that does not break me out. 

My homemade soap was from the clearance/ugly bin at a soap maker's stall at a flea market for $1.99.  Not 100% frugal but I love it and I supported a small business.

Today was not a hair washing day.  I wash my hair every other day.  I also take navy showers to save water and heating.  I would have used products that my MIL gave me when she cleared out her stockpile of free after purchase items. 

I used some expensive Coola moisturizer from Birchbox that I had previously loved.  I earned points to buy socks for men in my family but I won't buy this again.  The cucumber smell is overwhelming. 

My deodorant came from Big Lots for $1.99.  I'm trying get away from aluminum deodorants so I'm using this Arm & Hammer Essentials.  

My body lotion was scraped together from three mostly empty hotel samples.  I've been adding a tiny bit of water to the almost empty bottle and shaking it to get at all the product.  I'm using stuff up from my collection too.  The recycling bin has been getting a work out.

My Cartier perfume was a free sample.

My makeup (and brushes) came from free samples with purchase from Lancome and Clinique,  Sephora Birthday Gift, Dollar Tree, and my favorite Clinique powder was bought during a free bag with purchase sale.   I only buy from Clinique and Lancome when they are having their free makeup bag with purchase.  Since I am trying to use up my stockpile, I haven't bought any in a few months.

I love to have nice things.  I love to wear make up and jewelry.  I don't always love spending a ton of money to do so.

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