Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Makeup, I Just Can't Quit You. Believe Me, I'm Trying.

I have no cheating to report.  Well, okay.  I did break down and spend a dollar on a vanilla candle at Dollar Tree.  But, I wanted the jar.

Anyway,  it seems as if I will continue to get Ipsy for a few months.  Apparently, I signed up for a year's subscription.  Sigh.  Birchbox is over though so that's good.  But, I will continue to get a monthly box of four or five products.  On a good note, maybe that will help with the need to shop.
I think I'll save the boxes until I have a low point.

Weight Watchers is going well.  It has only been five days but the first few days were so hard.  I am not used to getting a hungry feeling.  And I am relearning to eat until I am sated and not until I can't stuff anymore in my gob hole.  I've even been eating restaurant meals and keeping it reigned in.  Tonight my daughter and I had Thai food and I substituted my normal coconut curry sauce for glass noodles and tofu cooked in a light broth.

I've been purging my closet ruthlessly of anything that doesn't fit well.  I don't have any skinnier clothes.  I hate the idea of buying new clothes when I've just gotten my wardrobe fixed.  However, I would actually like my driver's license weight to not be a huge lie.

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