Thursday, March 6, 2014

Update- Two Cheats and Weight Watchers

This cosmetic/book/candle/purse/shoe purchasing hiatus is going well.  I am almost finished redoing my tiny walk in closet on the cheap.  I hung a mirror above my dresser, added a velvety scarf for decoration and put some pretty containers on top.  I'm in the process of changing over to the thin velvet covered hangers to free up some much needed space on my side of the closet.  I put a vintage lamp my Mom gave me in there too.  I just need to find a extension cord for it.

I took many bags of cast offs to the thrift store yesterday.  Most of it was my daughter's clothing.  She is becoming very picky and instead of fighting it I am helping her minimize and define her wardrobe so she only has what she loves in there.  I bought her some velvet hangers too.  She doesn't fight me nearly as much about putting away her clothes because she loves her stuff.

I am getting ready to the shoes nearly every day.  I have a primping system in place now and and finding that I enjoy getting ready more.  I lotion  and do nighttime facial care now where I was very bad at it before.  My nails are always done.  I love using my stuff.  The more I use my stuff the less I want to buy different stuff.

Now is where the cheating part comes in.  I just bought a book at the Dollar Tree.  It's so hard to justify not buying books for a dollar.  I did just donate three books to the thrift shop.  But, still.  It counts.
Also,  I bought a nail polish I'd been wanting for a while when I saw it on sale at Dollar General.  I'm looking forward to painting my nails with it tomorrow for my movie date night with my husband.  We're going to see Pompeii.  Pompeii has a special place in our hearts as we spent an entire day wandering around there holding hands and exploring.  It was truly a trip of a lifetime.

Currently, I am hungry.  I started Weight Watchers online this morning after I got off the scale.  I use my clothing as a guideline and they still fit so I was upset when I saw that I was about five pounds past my normal high.
Which is fat.  But, I'm not name calling myself.  I just need a healthy change.

I think that about covers it.
I need to run my little monkey boy to the pediatrician because he's feeling a bit poor.

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