Sunday, December 26, 2010

Merry Christmas & Happy Boxing Day

This has been a truly blessed holiday season for us.

The night of the 23rd I took my daughter to see The Nutcracker Ballet and she loved it. It was so nice to see so many pretty little girls all dolled up in their holiday finery enjoying the ballet with their families. I think we may have to do this again next year. Thanks to Groupon for the discounted tickets. Hubby got in some guy time with my son at an indoor swimming pool with slides and a whirlpool.

On the 24th Hubby and the kids delivered cookie tins to our neighbors. It started snowing so we had a wonderful fluffy white Christmas. The kids played and made a snowman. We had a lazy afternoon. I got a nap in. We enjoyed an evening candlelight church service then went in search of something to eat for dinner. Most restaurants were closed and we settled on getting some true junk food from the gas station. While we snacked on hot cocoa and Bugles, Hubby drove us around our neighborhood to check out the holiday lights. Next year I'll make sure to pack pb&j's or something healthier. Oh well, we had a really good time.
Then it was time for lights out and tuck ins and our excited children finally closed their little eyes.

Then Christmas morning we all dashed downstairs to see what was under the tree. I love watching their little faces light up as they opened all their gifts. I'm definitely going to be garage saling for gifts again next year. Big Girl loves the Polly Pocket art stuff I picked up in June. It's among her favorites. We spent the day with my side of the family eating cheese ball, baked beans, deviled eggs, and homemade pie and candy. After we put the kids to bed Hubby and I settled in with a bottle of sparkling wine and the first season of Big Bang Theory. It was truly a great way to end Christmas.

Today we're all still in our jammies. We've snacked on leftover caramel rolls and I just made a pot of ramen noodle soup with veggies. There are no plans and nowhere to go and life is very good.

This week I'll be thinking about what I want to accomplish in 2011.
Happy Holiday Season!

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