Saturday, June 19, 2010

Garage Sale Finds Today

Tupper Ware Steamer Tray? .50 cents
Sock Organizer .50 cents
Plastic Food Storage Container .50 cents

This is the inside of the Tupperware Steamer thing. If you know what it is please feel free to leave a comment.

More VHS. Ever wonder who buys those vhs tapes for .50 cents from garage sales? That would be me. I love the cheap entertainment factor plus I don't have to worry about the dvd getting scratched up. Not pictured is a copy of Johnny Mnemonic that I slipped into Hubby's father's day bag as a gag gift. Apparently the movie is really bad in funny way.

7 Corelle dishes- all white except for the one on top. Plus, a Pyrex casserole/pie dish. $2.
(I love the corelle patern on top- it's Batik from 1979. I think I'm going to start looking for it to replace my Callaway Ivy (my Wedding China- haha). After 14 years I'm a little sick of it.)

Christmas gifts for my nieces. I have Old Navy and Gymboree rewards to buy them clothes also.
2 new sets $4 total.
This Little People Pirate boat is pretty grimy. That's why it's by the bathroom sink. I'm going to wash it and put it away. Not sure if it's a Christmas present for Little Guy or not yet. $2.
New, large, unfinished shelf- $2. It's a bad picture but the shelf is in really good condition and is going in Big Girl's room after I stain it. I can finally get all of those knick knacks and trophies out of reach. And store extra stuffies.
Stocking stuffers for Big Girl. A new Polly Pocket sticker/stamp book, a Lisa Frank glitter tape set, and a Stuffed Bear that needs a wash. The Plug Ins are for me.
$1.50 for the lot.

You will notice that I did not buy any clothes or decorative houseware items. That part was really challenging. I sat down and made a big list of to-do errands and chores yesterday and that took a load off of my mind. I am ready to start whittling down the list and get back on track.

I've got to go wash and put away gifties before my family comes back from swimming.

Hope to have lots of good progress to report next time I blog. ; )


Rhonda said...

good finds
your tupperware is a microwave steamer. You put a little water in the bottom, then veggies in the basket, above the water, then put the the lid on but not tight.
When microwaved, the water gets hot and steams the veggies.
Very 1985 :)

jonceramic said...

The tupperware dish looks like a microwave steamer. You put the water in the bottom. You put the veggies on the top. Put the lid on, and microwave it. That's my guess!

Isaac said...

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