Monday, October 4, 2010

Welcome October

Apparently my urge to blog hasn't bounced back since school started over a month ago. Also, I've been too lazy to put fresh batteries in my camera to snaz up my posts.

This week is our garage sale. Slowly I've been bagging up things and dragging them to the garage.
I still have piles to sort through. I haven't priced anything. I'm still prowling around drawers and shelves looking for things to part with. Nothing is coming back in my house if it doesn't sell. It's all going to Goodwill.

The kids and I took the Amtrak to Kansas City on Friday to meet up with Hubby after his business trip. He took us to the Kansas City Renaissance Festival on Saturday for my birthday. I picked up some pretty things and bought a bottle of perfume oil (a custom blend of carnation, white amber, and white musk) for my presents. My daughter enjoyed the jousting and my husband enjoyed the fire eating/glass walking. My son had fun with the magic wand he made in the children's craft area. It was a good day.

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