Monday, September 27, 2010

Let's Throw Everything Away and Start Over & Misc.

The Clutter Front-
Sometimes renting a couple of dumpsters and some burly guys and having them totally empty my house of stuff (except pets and people) is so tempting.

It's also so overwhelming that I get tired just thinking about it and need a moment. Today my moment happened to coincide with a box of price reduced chocolate donuts. I have zumba class tonight- I'll work it off.

My Mom is coming up again this week and we're going to get in gear for our garage sales next week. I'm hoping that spurs me to do even more culling. I wonder if Hubby is willing to part with any of his stuff.

The Frugal Front-

Went to two garage sales this weekend. I came home with 15 pretty Christmas cards from a free box, a small pyrex baking dish for a quarter, and a copy of the Joy of Cooking for .50 cents.
I picked out an old book to put in the sale pile to make room for my new cook book. Very satisfying as I didn't bring home that much stuff. I love free boxes.

We've eaten at home for almost every meal for the last couple of days. Last night we had a yummy veggie stew. I think tonight I'm just making spaghetti.

I finished up my last batch of homemade detergent. Now I'm whittling down the stockpile in the basement. I don't think I'll go back to buying detergent anymore unless it's dirt cheap. I've been using half a dryer sheet in my dryer too and my clothes still look and smell fresh and soft.

The Charitable Giving Front-

I'm going to sign up to adopt another family for Christmas this year. I've already starting buying bargain canned goods here and there. I brought in a box to start putting items in as they come in the house.


twelvedaysold said...

Something else to look into are dryer balls.

They're pretty cheap, and we've had our for probably about a year (we have 4) and they still look good as new. And our clothes come out great! No more dryer sheets! (For us it was no more fabric softener)

Jenny's Vegcafe said...

Twelve Days,

I found a set of these at the Dollar General and have been using them.
Not really sure if they help or not though.