Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Garage Sale Day 1

I made $150 today at our garage sale. My Mom made about $68. We still have a lot of stuff left to sell on Saturday plus I'm encouraged to go through our house once more and find more stuff to put out.

The best part is knowing that a lot of that stuff is gone from my house. We sold our old bed frame and box springs which are no longer needed because we bought new bedroom furniture. I sold them cheap at $30 but am happy just knowing that I didn't have to haul them back into the garage.


Anonymous said... had a mid week garage sale? What day of the week was it?


Jenny's Vegcafe said...

In my area the garage sales are held on Wednesdays and Saturdays. Wednesdays seem to be pretty popular with the garage sale set. That's when you see a lot of stay at home moms and retired couples.

I had another lady stop by last night while I was making dinenr to see if I still had any cloth diaper stuff left.
I made $13.50 and got rid of our diaper pail. Advertising on Craigslist pays off. We're having another sale on Saturday so it paid off to have one on Wednesday. Our stuff is pretty much ready to go and I have time and inspiration to do a little more digging and decluttering to find more sale stuff.

Anonymous said...

That's a fun way to do it...around her it is Sat/Sun if you have a two day sale.

Sorry to hear the final outcome of the sale wasn't a little bigger but at least you got some return on your items AND a tax deduction for the rest from Goodwill.