Monday, October 18, 2010

Weekend Review


We had a family movie night and I made up a frozen Jack's pizza (bought on sale). I added additional ingredients like feta cheese (bought at Dollar Tree) and veggie crumbles. We watched a show on Netflix.
Nothing spectacular but the week leaves us pretty tired.


We caravaned to the car dealership so Hubby could drop his car off for new tires and other maintenance requirements.

Behind the dealership is a thrift store we'd never been in before so we stopped in and checked it out. Children's clothes were all marked $1 and I picked out a few shirts for Big Girl for this Fall. The store was full of shoppers- a lot of them well dressed women picking through the racks of clothing for great finds. The kids happily played in the toy aisle while Hubby and I looked at furniture. I picked out a square basket after being inspired by The Nester's post on using baskets for storage containers. The store was being stocked continually the whole time we were there. I have plans to take my mom shopping there next week.

After the thrift store it was time for lunch. I picked out a coupon from our entertainment guide and we ate at El Maguey. Hubby and I each ordered an entree and one al a carte item for our picky boy. Big Girl had part of our lunches. We shared a fried ice cream for dessert. Yum!

Then we raced to Little Guy's soccer game. Watching four year olds play soccer is quite amusing and a little frustrating. Some of the children obviously know what they are doing but quite a lot of them get bored and wander off the field or run the wrong direction. My own son put his shirt over his face and started wandering blindly off the field.

Then it was time to part ways. I dropped Hubby and Little Guy off at the dealership. I took Big Girl to the mall for planned Girls Day Out. The night before I assembled all of my mall coupons and had a plan of attack for what stores we wanted to shop. The mall I picked has an AMC theater so we used my coke points rewards to see a movie and get a free soft drink.
She's been wanting to shop at Justice for a while because her friends really like it. I have found many Justice items at thrift stores but she wanted something new so I let her pick out a few things. I don't really like Justice's clothing (it's all tacky) and I really don't like their price tags (I will never pay $34 for a pair of kid jeans). But, I had a coupon and we decided on a outfit that wasn't outrageously ugly or very overpriced. I splurged on candles at Yankee Candle and bought a few Christmas presents. After a carousel ride, time in the play land and dinner at Houlihan's we were exhausted. I think we're good on mall shopping for a long long time.
I suffered a good bout of sticker shock from going to thrift store to mall too.


Family At Home day. I did some laundry. I cooked three meals. I snuggled my kids. I took a tiny nap. We watched Project Runway as a family and just generally kicked back. I also put my new square basket into a drawer to hold office supplies. All in all it was my favorite kind of day.

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twelvedaysold said...

Project Runway for family bonding! Love it.

Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend with your family.