Thursday, October 14, 2010

Kids Christmas List So I Don't Forget

I've been collecting a list of Granparent/kid friendly presents in my head and decided it was time to write them somewhere.

Cartridges for view master
Dvds- How to Train Your Dragon and new Shrek
Toothbrushes- battery powered Thomas and design your own Spinbrush
Gift certificates for gymnastics


KT said...

I never knew there was a Design Your Own Spinbrush, I would have loved that as a kid. If you want to add something affordable and fun, try Santa & The Little Teddy Bear by Peter John Lucking

Jenny's Vegcafe said...


I didn't know either. When we were in the toothbrush section of Target a few days ago I had each kid pick out a fancy tootbrush that they'd like for a special gift at Christmas.
They are used to whatever comes in a two pack at Dollar Tree or freebies from the dentists office. Plus, I know toothbrushes are something the grandparents would approve of.