Friday, October 8, 2010

And I click the delete key

I spent a happy hour clicking thru the online sale pages of a women's clothing store picking out things I would love for fall.
After removing the items I wasn't sure about I whittled it down to a nice outfit- a pretty blue tshirt with shirring and lace details on the sleeves, a fitted and stylish denim jacket, and a sleek pair of cropped black pants. I pictured myself in that outfit jaunting about town on the weekend with the family, going on the school trip to the pumpkin farm, casually sorting through produce in the grocery store. It was going to be mine.
And then I remember my badly kept pledge to quit buying clothes for the rest of the year. Oh, I have not done this well at all. But, most of my "new" clothing purchases have been second hand and cost no more than $3 apiece. That outfit alone was $60 (on sale, with coupon). I closed the tab. If I really want that new outfit I bet I can piece it together for less than $15 second hand. And maybe even have room leftover for a nice pair of black flats. (They went best with the cropped pants, you know).

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Alex said...

Good for you! Though I really don't find clothes buying that hard to resist, I have a really hard time saying no to books from Amazon and Paperback Swap. No matter how many books I have, I always want more, or foresee a time when I might want to read a particular novel. Your clothes compact is an awesome idea! I may have to make a book compact.