Friday, September 24, 2010

Hey Wagon, where you taking me?

I'm bouncing back from the scatter brained, clutter wagon. I'm getting stuff done and can see the end in sight for a fairly consistently clean house.
I will never be clutter free but I can be less cluttery.

Also, thinking about writing a big bonus check to the mortgage company this week too as we have extra funds.

Our bedroom set is almost complete. We are still missing one night stand as it's on back order.
My bedroom is almost cute. We still have some piles that need to be organized and furniture that needs to be hauled downstairs. But, I love my new dresser and bed so much. It feels grown up. I've been wearing make up more frequently as I have a special drawer for my beauty products.

I made pizza dough for dinner, cleaned the down stairs bath, played play doh with the boy, swept the kitchen, washed three loads of laundry, and washed the dishes. I feel pretty good today.

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