Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Been Happily Busy

Despite the somewhat hectic schedule of kids activities, my activities, general living chores, and ongoing business trips by the Hubs- I've been fairly happy.

I've been picking up a few things each day from our belongings and designating them for the garage sale. More is leaving the house then coming in finally.

I took both kids shopping yesterday (separate trips) to pick out a shirt for Little Guy to wear for picture day. He really doesn't have many shirts without a cartoon character on them.

The first trip to Kohl's with Little Guy was kind of a bust. The shirt I liked in their store was still $12 on sale and I didn't have a coupon. He picked out two small toys on sale (one for him, one for his sister) though and I bought a small decoration for Halloween. The new toys have been put up until he and his sister clean up their toy room and bring me two items each to sell in the sale. They've been amazingly compliant. Half of the toy room is clean and I have four toys to sell. I imagine the toy room will be finished today and they will get their new stuff to play with. I'm also itching to get out my Halloween/Fall items for display, which means a cleaning in the house will be necessary. I'm actually looking forward to that. Fall is my favorite season.

The second trip to Value Village with Big Girl was better. I found a striped button down Gap shirt with roll up sleeves for $3. I also picked out a 99 cent Gymboree t-shirt in great condition.
Big Girl kept herself busy looking through their poor selection of toys and bemoaning the fact that the ones she liked were broken or missing pieces. I gave in a little and let her pick out a sweater. We picked through the long row of sweaters and she found one that she really liked for $2 in shades of lavender, lime green, and yellow. It turns out that we have don't have the same taste- surprise. And also, the main reason she wanted that sweater was that it was the softest- not the prettiest, not the coolest. It was soft. Whatever keeps her warm and covered, I guess.
I found a brand new pair of size 3 white tennis shoes for her stockpile for $3 also. When I put them away last night I realized that I do not have any size 2 shoes set aside. We don't need them yet but I'll start looking. She's about a size 1 right now and growing fast.

The worst part of the busyness has been a total lack of home cooking. I miss my own food! I miss having family dinners. Tonight I asked Big Girl to help me make dinner. We're having mac n cheese, veggie dogs, and broccoli.

We have nothing planned on Friday night so I'm hoping we can have a family meal together at our table. I've got to get the beds made and the laundry ready.

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TJ said...

Dinner has become a huge chore at our home. The twins are tired and want attention, the older 2 kids are starving, and I'm flat beat by the time I get home and try to cook. I am really hoping to put my crockpot to better use the next few months, so that we are less busy and can enjoy evenings again.