Friday, September 17, 2010

A Day in the Garage- no toy shortage

The Fall garage sale in our neighborhood is next month and it's a prime time to put our some unloved clutter and make a few pennies.

My garage has been a holding ground for toys thrown in bags after quick pick ups and still shrink wrapped birthday presents from Big Girls February birthday. All in all, it's a big darn mess.
This afternoon I sat down and sorted through the toys to sell, throw out, and keep. It left me depressed, mosquito bitten, and grungy.

How did my children get so many toys? And why can't I understand that if they have that many toys, they will not respect and enjoy their things?
This is why I don't want to have anymore birthday parties with gifts involved. This is why I like gifts of zoo memberships and the magic house. This is why I won't be taking my children shopping at department stores for a long time. This is why I'm going to be very selective about Christmas gifts in a few months.

Today Little Guy happily busied himself playing with a straw he found in the backseat of the car. Does he really need anything else?

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