Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Working it all out

I did my second zumba class tonight. I can't say it's fun yet because I never was much of a fan of sweating, but I think eventually I'll look forward to my class.

Doing Weight Watchers has been bearable. I am making smarter food choices and being honest when I splurge. I lost three pounds last week. But, I can't really care too much about the actual pound loss or I'll get discouraged. Right now I'm only focused on the tasks (exercise/eating right) instead of the goal (getting rid of the clothes in my closet because they don't fit).

Not much of a frugal nature to report. I did go to Goodwill yesterday but I bought housewares instead of clothes. I found some funky 70's Sears collection towels on half price, a new Smith and Hawken fragrance diffuser and some pretty wooden candle holders to adorn our future bedroom furniture. It's getting closer to furniture purchasing time. Our finances (we're paying cash) are in order for a big splurge.

For entertainment I've bee reading Dan Ho's Rescue from Domestic Perfection. His language can be a bit salty but I find his decorating ideas refreshing. Matchy Matchy is out. Looking like a spread out of a magazine is out. It's not a book about decluttering- although some of his ideas definitely encourage paring down. He has a whole paragraph dedicated to getting rid of your garlic press since it only does one thing and a cutting board will do. The only thing I absolutely cannot agree with him on is his severe distaste for candles. I love candles. I won't give them up no matter who tells me they aren't in vogue.

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twelvedaysold said...

I also don't weigh myself much. I started doing the 30 Day Shred and weighed myself before that, but I don't plan on weighing myself for a couple months. A lot of self-esteem on my part can be destroyed just by getting on a weight scale!