Monday, July 12, 2010

There comes a point when you have to say no to a bargain

I just deleted a Walgreens add for bogo vitamins. Just willy nilly. A year ago I would have jumped up to look through my coupon file for vitamin coupons. Not today. Now my coupon file is pretty thin since I stopped getting the paper (too much clutter). And my basement is full of things I got free or dirt cheap and stockpiled for use someday. Someday is here.

I haven't completely given up shopping (note last Saturdays small garage sale haul) but it is definitely losing some of it's allure as I pile up things to sell and catalog what we have stored.

We had at least 20 bottles of shampoo alone under our bathroom sink. We use up a bottle about every two months. I'm probably going to donate a few of them. I'm tired of taking care of all of the bargains I've scooped up. I wonder if it's worth constantly trying to spend little to nothing on something we don't need right now.


Catherine at Frugal Homemaker Plus said...

Yes- so important. I pass up plenty of free deals because I just don't need another stick of deodorant, ya know? With the exception of pad, tampons, and diapers (which I donate to a women's shelter that desperately needs such items!) I don't pick up every bargain I meet. You CAN go broke on bargains!

sarynp said...

I too have started passing up the deals and working on whittling down the stockpile.

And also like you have been working on decluttering/ cleaning our closets / dressers/ more closets (lol). I was piling everything up in the dining room....but after attacking the master bedroom closets and dressers last weekend the piles were taller then me! I picked up free boxes from the state store and then sorted/ taged/ priced and boxed all of the items. I then took them out to the corner of the garage that is now for our fall yard sale.

I feel so much "lighter" having all of this excess out of our home. It is also making me think much more before I purchase anything new (another positive benefit).