Monday, July 12, 2010

Money Tally for Monday

Today was an errand day. Thankfully we didn't need much.

15.62 at the Post Office for stamps and two paperbackswap mailings
1.25 at the library in overdue fines (even with fines we save so much money at the library)
32.89 for gas

In other news, I only ended up losing two pounds last week. My pants aren't baggy yet. I have another zumba class tonight so maybe that will kick me into gear.

I discovered that the Fit & Active multigrain wraps sold at Aldi are only a point each. I wonder if they'd make a decent pizza crust. Also, the Morningstar link sausages are a better choice than the patties.

I'm spending the rest of my afternoon doing some housework. I am way behind on Mt. Washmore and the sink is full of dirty dishes. Refrigerator/freezer scrounged soup sounds good for dinner. Maybe a casserole with a side of corn on the cob.

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