Wednesday, July 14, 2010

From Messy Messerson to Decluttering Maven- I hope.

I have a new favorite blog- A Slob Comes Clean. I'm a lot like Nony in that I also am trying desperately to overcome my slob like tendencies.

I buy and read books on home organization and decluttering. I watch the Clean Home shows and Hoarders for inspiration. It does not come naturally to me to be organized. My brain doesn't want to seem to bend that way. My husband is the same way. Together with our kids we can turn our house into a big old mess. Flylady has helped off and on but it's like a diet and I just haven't managed to stick to it yet.

While I am trying to lose weight I also want to try and change the way we live in our house. My children don't really know how to do chores as I never really require much from them except for the occasional forced toy pick up (which often comes with tears and raised voices). I don't want them to grow up lacking the proper cleaning skills too.

I know that Hubby and I are both happier in a simple and clean environment. But, we also have our piles and treasures that we haven't figured out how to sort out yet.

Now let me also say that I absolutely do not consider myself a hoarder. I love to get rid of things. I am sitting next to a pile of stuff right now that is marked for a garage sale and I really want to box it up and donate it but we're supposed to have a sale next month. Trash and recycling days are great days here too. I've never met a newspaper I didn't want to recycle. Still more needs to get gone.

In the next month I will be tackling bits of our house to reduce the clutter so it's easy to keep clean. I also need to give my children each a few chores too so we're all involved in the work that needs to be done. My four year old can dust and my 7 year old can clean mirrors and sinks.
Maybe I can even get the dog involved and put my husbands socks on her and she can swiffer the floors. It's a start.


twelvedaysold said...

A book I really enjoyed reading about decluttering was How Not to be a Messie. My mom got it for me as a joke. I'm not a horribly messy person, I just don't like cleanup. She has a very real approach to getting rid of that clutter.

Nony (A Slob Comes Clean) said...

THanks for linking to me! Love your blog design - hee hee!