Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Money Tally Tuesday & Wednesday


I spent $90 at Target in no time. I bought a few back to school items (some to donate), some groceries, and a few birthday presents. Before you know it- I had spent almost $100. sigh.

Sonic got $5 for drive thru drinks for the kids and I. Man is it hot outside.

Chuck E Cheese for dinner and fun for 28.00 after coupons.


Drive thru lunch for $7.

I was hoping we'd see a big improvement in our bottom line since I'm actively not buying clothes or personal care items but it hasn't really shown yet. I did buy a dress at Target yesterday but I returned it today. Eating at home would save us a lot of money. I'm definitely making dinner at home tonight.

(Doing great at WW lately. I ate plenty of pizza and salad last night and still had 4 points left at the end of the day).

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