Thursday, July 15, 2010

Weirdness Afoot- And I discuss Winnie the Pooh Characters too much.

Hubby had to listen to me chatter until about 2 am. Who was keyed up last night? Me.
Except for the sleep deprivation he's been quite happy to have a smiley chatty Cathy for a wife.

You see, when I'm happy and content I tend to be quite bouncy and gleeful. Picture Tigger. And I haven't bounced in awhile. Actually I've been more of a cross between Rabbit and Eeyore. Ok, so they are all annoying- but at least Tigger is happy. (bouncy, fun fun fun)

Which reminds of something silly Little Guy did yesterday. I asked him if he wanted a snack and he put his hand to his forehead and tapped and went, "Think, think, think. Yes, I do want a snack."

See yah- gotta bounce.

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