Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Once You Shop You Can't Stop

Shop N Save- yesterday

Groceries & Food Bank Donation at Check Out Minus Coupons & Discounts= 41.04

Dierbergs- Today

Groceries, Cold Medicine, Gifts, Laundry Detergent, and Fabric Softener Minus Coupons= 47.03

(I found Tide on clearance for $3 and Tylenol Cold PM for $2 and bought some detergent for my Mom)

Two Things Going on Here-
1. We're all suffering from some low level sinus thing. I took Big Girl to the Dr. today and she has a double ear infection. So my throat is sore and I have a minor headache.

2. My cats are refusing to get along and pee (and poop) fighting over territory. I'm almost sure that I'll have to return Sarah to the pet rescue where I adopted her from. To say that I am disappointed is an understatement. I don't even put my steam cleaner away anymore and I just can't live like this even though it's tearing me up to give her back. My first priority is to my old baby Fusty.

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Jenny's Vegcafe said...

Update- I never did return Sarah to the pet rescue. She's such a good cat. The pee-episodes have pretty much disappeared. It was a rocky adjustment period though.