Sunday, June 20, 2010

For The Best Guy I Know

Happy Father's Day to my Husband. He was the first one to feed our babies and change their diapers, jumping in eagerly with a smile on his face ready to bond with his children. He wore that snugli with a baby hanging off it more than I did. And he wore it proudly with a smile on his face.
At every holiday or milestone he's ready and willing to take on even the messiest of chores to create joy and memories for our little ones.

He gives me lots of Mommy breaks by taking the kids to do fun stuff like swimming. And he enjoys himself about as much as they do.

He never gives up an opportunity to document the silliness of our children.
He takes me on business trips with him and always makes me feel like I'm his number one. Even when I'm acting like a number 2.

I know I'm a better person for knowing him. There's no other person I'd rather be sharing this parenting journey with. Happy Father's Day Honey. I love you from the bottomiest bottom of my heart.

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