Friday, June 18, 2010

The camel and the straw

Two hours ago I woke up in a good mood.

And then the list of things that needed to be done around the house and the morning chaos of getting my daughter and husband out of the house for school/work hit me. When I went to get clean clothes out of the dryer some of them stunk. I think I used Sun detergent on them and that stuff doesn't work at all. So, I started another load of laundry. Then I noticed that the curtain my cat(s) frequently scent mark stunk again even after I tied them up and got them off the floor. I took it down to wash and noticed a big old chunk was cut out of the bottom. The cat pee was enough to ruin my morning. The destruction of my pretty curtain put me over the edge.

So, I'm making a list of chores to tackle to make my life easier. What can I eliminate from our life to reduce the chaos and clutter?

I just canceled my subscription to the paper. I have about a month of them piled up in my garage waiting for me to sort through. Right now I can't even think about clipping a coupon.
I saved us a whopping $8 a month but I think getting rid of a chore/clutter is an even better gift.

I haven't returned Sarah to her previous foster Mom yet. The foster Mom called yesterday and left a message asking if we were ready for her to file paperwork on making the adoption permanent. I need to call her back and talk to her. I adore Sarah but I cannot handle the extra work of cleaning up after two cats. Especially when they use urine as a weapon. I wish there was an "Easy" button for this.

Next I'm looking at our Netflix membership to see if I can reduce it anymore. We seem to watch only one dvd a month but we love the streaming.

I've got errands to run and a play date to get to today. So, I'm off to get ready for that. I think you'll read more of me attempting to simplify our lives this summer than what bargains I have purchased. I really do not want any more stuff to take care of right now. Thank You Very Much.

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