Monday, June 21, 2010

The Clothing Compact- This is Harder Than It Seemed.

Garage Sales on Saturday- I refused to even pick up the ton! of upscale girl's clothes I found at one sale all in my daughter's size. Uncomfortable but I did ok with walking away.

WalMart yesterday- I had to walk by the racks of $6 sun dresses and $4 t-shirts for the kids. I tried not to look too closely.

Goodwill- Had to remind myself as I walked by cute clothes (in my size!) that I was no longer shopping for clothes. Did not touch and moved on quickly. It's getting a little more uncomfortable.

Target- Found myself staring longingly at the pile of clearance kids clothes that the lady behind me was buying. I hope she didn't think I was too weird.

I gave away coupons for Old Navy and Value Village to a friend today so I have no excuse to indulge.

The bonus is that I am trimming out stuff that we just don't need and am spending $20 at each store to get essentials (air filters, hose washers, bread, etc.) instead of extracurricular shopping.

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