Friday, June 11, 2010

Checking The Closet First

We have a wedding to attend this weekend and of course I have waited until the last minute to pick out or plan what we are going to wear. I bought a beautiful dress for Big Girl for $2 at a garage sale so she's covered. But, she has outgrown her fancy footwear and unless I want her to show up in dirty tennis shoes, flip flops, or crocs with Simpsons jibbitz on them I'm going to have to find something for her to wear. You know I stockpile clothes and shoes for the kids. Maybe you also know how very bad I am at keeping track of what I've bought. So, it's off the closets I go.
I printed out a 20% Gordman's coupon just in case. Hope I don't need it.

Glad I checked her closet first. I found many pairs of suitable shoes that I am sure will fit her.
I also found 4 pairs! of size 1 tennis shoes for the start of school in Fall. I'm going to donate a pair to the food pantry/thrift store. I am annoyed with myself for not keeping up with my inventory list.

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