Friday, June 19, 2009

Clothing Inventory FAIL

I have enough summer clothes for three Big Girls and only a handful of long sleeved shirts for this fall/winter school term. I know there's still time to haunt garage sales and thrift stores for great cheap clothes. But, it's the excess of size 6's that are only going to fit her this summer that is frustrating me. What a waste of money!

I had the same problem with shoe inventory. We have four pairs of tennis shoes in the same size. And probably only one pair that will fit her this fall. Never worn flip flops and sandals that I bought for a song last year are too small.

I had a small book with their shoe and clothing inventory written on it so I'd know what our needs and that worked great. It's time to do that again.


Heather said...

I've been doing an inventory sheet for my little guy to. It sure makes it easier to resist the 'great deal, gotta have its' when I know we've got lots of 12 month short sleeve shirts, but no 18 month pjs yet! Tomorrow I'm doing a whole post on how I rummage sale, especially on how I do it for his clothes.

Good luck with the fall gear :)


Tenille said...

I use inventory sheets too! I keep a list in my purse of what is needed for the next season (7 shirts, 7 pants, etc.) for each kiddo, mark them off as I go, and keep "next season" stuff under my bed until we're ready. I didn't have the mental capacity to keep track without a list! :)

Laureli Illoura said...

I know this is long past your original post but I wanted to just suggest posting the good clothes your girls outgrow on Craigslist or ebay or some other high-traffic place to sell them. (Of course remember that a box of clothes will cost something to ship). Also maybe ask your local thrift stores if they will offer you store credit for your donation... some do!
Good luck with your decluttering and organizational goals!!