Saturday, May 1, 2010

Sucked in by The FaceBook/Farmville demon

There are short bouts of determined cleaning in the long hours of Facebooking and Farmvilling.

I know where all my time is going and I hope it ends soon. I'd rather have a clean house than a pretty virtual farm. Thank God for my children being well behaved and playing well together lately. They are so cute together. Of course, I need to follow behind them picking up their discarded messes but whatever.

Ok, putting the computer up and going to change sheets on the beds.

Hubby turns 39 today! I managed to bake him a cake yesterday in between harvesting and collecting. He's helping me clean today and we're going on a date tonight for his birthday.
Love you Hubby!


Ruthie said...

The other day I realized I was on Facebook almost all day. Of course I was doing other stuff, but I literally had the screen up for updates all day.

The next day I decided to inactivate my account.

So far, so good! :-)

Georgi said...

I have the same problem with farmville, its like an evilness that just sucks your time right away. lolol did you finish your botanical garden??